Embracing Memories, Nurturing Hearts

Navigating the delicate journey of pet loss can be challenging. Find solace and understanding as we walk this path together, providing support for both the heartache and the enduring love that remains.

Quality of Life Scale – How do I know when it’s time?

Pet Loss Support Resources

Pet Loss Support Website:

The Pet Loss Support Page:

 The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement:

Books for Adults

When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing, Alan Wolfelt

Pet Loss: A thoughtful Guide for Adults and Children, Herbert Neilburg and Arlene Fischer

Goodbye My Friend: Grieving the Loss of a Pet, Mary and Herb Montgomery

The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss, Russell Friedman

Children and Pet Loss

Tips to Discuss the Loss of a Pet with Your Children and Help Them Cope with Their Grief

Books for Children

When a Pet Dies, Fred Rogers

Healing Your Grieving Heart for Kids, Alan Wolfelt

Dog Heaven, Cynthia Rylant

Cat Heaven, Cynthia Rylant

 I’ll Always Love You, Hans Wilhelm

Ways to Memorialize your Pet

Hold a memorial service

Write an obituary

Plant new life in their memory
Keep a fur clipping
Create an ink or clay paw print

Create a photo book

Make a donation to a local animal rescue in your pet’s honour

Donate their bedding and toys to a local animal shelter

Support for Veterinary Staff

Continued Education

We’re on a mission to elevate the standards of care for euthanasia in veterinary clinics across the island by providing continued education for your team. Schedule Dr. Vanessa for an informative lunch and learn designed to educate and empower your team with the most compassionate approach to ensuring a peaceful passing of your patient.

Additional support can be provided in designing, updating and improving your clinic’s comfort room as well as establishing clinic protocols around euthanasia. Stay at the forefront of veterinary excellence to better support both pets and their owners during these sensitive moments.

Support with Compassion Fatigue

As an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, Dr. Vanessa is pleased to offer individual and group yoga classes at a discounted rate to veterinary professionals. Having experienced it herself, Dr. Vanessa knows the toll the veterinary industry can have on mental health and overall well-being. Experience the positive impacts of yoga for you and your team through enhanced well-being, stress relief, team building, and renewed resilience – allowing you to continue to provide compassionate care to your patients.

Classes can be arranged inside or outside the clinic setting as a one time event or on an ongoing basis.